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Whether facing district or federal charges, the legal system is intimidating. State and Federal prosecutors have endless resources at their disposal to pursue your conviction. Its not unreasonable to feel like the odds are stacked against you.  Armed Robbery defense attorneys at Quintana Law Group are here to help you hold your ground.

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Quintana Law Group Armed Robbery defense attorneys have nearly twenty years of experience defending criminal charges within state and federal legal systems. With Martin and his associates on your side, you can feel confident that your best interests are being protected.

In most places in Illinois, a person can be charged and convicted of armed robbery if they commit a robbery involving a firearm or other deadly weapons including knives, axes, blunt objects, or even other objects if wielded as a weapon. In Illinois, armed robbery is charged as a Class X felony which is a very serious charge that carries a mandatory sentence of incarceration in Illinois Department of Corrections for six to thirty years. Convicts of a Class X felony in Illinois aren’t eligible for probation. Several factors can contribute to an extended sentense including: carrying a firearm rather than some other deadly weapon; discharging the firearm; or simply causing great bodily harm or death.

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