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As written in Illinois State law, a person can be charged with and found guilty of committing assault without having physical contact with another individual. The reason for this is because Illinois defines assault as “the threat of causing immediate physical harm”. Clarifying further, you do not actually have to cause physical harm to anyone to be charged with assault.

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What Is An Assault In Illinois?

According to Illinois State Law, an assault without a weapon or other associated crime such as a robbery, is referred to as a “simple assault”.

What Is An Aggravated Assault In Illinois?

Another kind of assault that is taken more seriously in court is an Aggravated Assault. Under Illinois State Law, if a person threatens someone else with a deadly weapon including but not limited to a knife or a gun, then that person can be charged with “aggravated assault”.  Other potential situations where an Assault charge can be upgraded to Aggravated Assault include:

  • Hiding your face with a mask to hide your identity while assaulting someone
  • Assaulting a teacher on school property
  • Assaulting a park district employee while on or near park district facilities
  • Assaulting a State Department or Public Aid worker while they are on the job
  • Assaulting a police officer or firefighter while they are on the job
  • Assaulting a physically handicapped person
  • Assaulting a senior citizen

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