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  1. 2018 Expungement Procedure Updates

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    The 2018 CRIMINAL & TRAFFIC EXPUNGEMENT & SEALING PROCEDURAL GUIDE is the leading source of up to date information for Criminal and Traffic Expungement and Sealing Procedures including information on: Executive Pardons; Criminal Identity Theft; Certificates of Innocence; Certificates of Good Conduct; Certificates of Relief from Disabilities; Certificates of Eligibility for Sealing; and Certificates of Eligibility for Expungement. The 2018 CRIMINAL & TRAFFIC EXPUNGEMENT & SEALING PROCEDURAL GUIDE was revised 10/16/2018.

    If you have questions regarding your eligibility for expungement or file sealing in the State of Illinois, contact Quintana Law Group now. Continue Reading

  2. Illinois Cannabis Law Changes

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    Cannabis seems to have earned it’s way into Illinois’ legal and political “BUZZ WORDS OF 2019”. In the midterm elections, the “war on drugs” lost a large battle in ten states that have now legalized cannabis for adults, while 33 allow medical use. Those major changes in legislation demonstrate the massive steps being taken to reform prohibitionist cannabis policies at the state, federal and international levels. Quintana Law Group is focused on understanding how Illinois Cannabis law changes effect the rights of Illinois’ Citizens. Continue Reading