License Reinstatement

Quintana Law Group License Reinstatement attorneys know that one of the most serious consequences of a DUI is suspension of your driver’s license. You can lose your license for drunk driving or for refusing to submit to a breath or chemical test. Without the ability to get behind the wheel, everyday routines can become increasingly complicated. You may find yourself relying on family members or public transportation. Yet losing your driving privileges is more than just an inconvenience; it can also impact your work, family and social life. Understandably, you are likely eager to get back on the road so you can have a normal life again and our Chicago Driver’s License Reinstatement attorneys will be there to ensure it happens, the first time.

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How To Get Your License Back

To get your driver’s license back in Illinois, you must go through a hearings process through the Administrative Hearings Department – part of the office of the Secretary of State. These hearings can be intimidating, especially with so much at stake. You have the burden of showing not only that you’re no longer a danger to others on the road, but also that you meet all of the criteria for reinstatement, which depends on the nature of your suspension. Thorough preparation beforehand is essential for success. Without the right evidence and paperwork, you could end up facing significant delays or denials.

At Quintana Law Group in Chicago, our License Reinstatement Attorneys we can represent you through all stages of the hearings process. Our attorneys will make sure you are eligible for reinstatement and do all the legwork upfront, preparing the strongest possible case on your behalf.

Even if you aren’t eligible for full reinstatement, you might still qualify for a restricted driver’s license. This license will allow you to drive for purposes of your:

  • Job
  • Child care
  • Education
  • Support group attendance
  • Public service

To get a restricted license, you must show that you would face undue hardship without one. We can help you prove this crucial element.

With professional representation, you stand a much better chance of getting a favorable outcome in your license reinstatement case. Find out how our lawyers can help you: Call our downtown office at 312-233-8313 or our western suburbs office at 630-481-7498 or send us an email to arrange your free initial consultation. We handle reinstatement cases throughout DuPage County and Cook County.

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