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Have you been accused Of A Sex Offense? Get Legal Help Immediately. When it comes to handling criminal charges, sex crimes defense is in a category of its own. These cases involve major challenges beyond those involved in other criminal cases.

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On top of navigating the criminal justice system – an intimidating prospect in and of itself – you are also likely facing harsh public stigma and negative assumptions. It’s much harder for prosecutors, judges and juries to keep an open mind when confronted with shocking allegations. Upholding your right to be innocent until proven guilty can be an uphill battle at each step in the process.

At Quintana Law Group, we don’t back away from tough cases like these. Our defense lawyers have nearly two decades of experience and an accomplished record in courtrooms throughout Cook County and DuPage County. As a fierce and effective advocate, he will make sure your rights don’t get trampled.

Prosecutors often begin laying the foundation for these cases long before the charges are actually filed. The sooner you involve an attorney, the more opportunities you have to build a strategic defense. Contact us for help immediately if you are under investigation or facing allegations of a sex offense.

We handle all types of sex offense cases at the state and federal level, including:

  • Criminal sexual assault (rape)
  • “Statutory rape”
  • Aggravated criminal sexual assault
  • Predatory criminal sexual assault
  • Sexual abuse
  • Aggravated sexual abuse
  • Possession, creation or distribution of child pornography
  • Public indecency
  • Prostitution and sex trafficking
  • Indecent solicitation of a minor
  • Electronic enticement of a minor
  • Failure to register as a sex offender

It goes without saying that a conviction for a sex crime will change the course of your life. Depending on the charges, you may be facing a lengthy prison sentence and mandatory sex offender registration. The penalties are particularly severe for cases involving:

  • Use of threats or force
  • Use of a weapon
  • Bodily injuries
  • Children
  • Vulnerable adults

On top of the criminal consequences, your reputation, employment prospects, housing and educational opportunities will all suffer. We understand the high stakes involved, and you can rely on us to handle your defense with the seriousness and individualized attention you deserve.

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