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  1. Illinois DUI Factbook

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    The Holy Grail of DUIs in Illinois – the “2018 Illinois DUI Fact Book” was released in January, and many citizens are still completely unaware of the changes. Here are some details published by BIZJOURNALS.COM in March. Let’s see if you’re as up to snuff on Illinois Laws as you think you are.

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  2. Possible Defenses in Drug Crimes

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    Unlawful Search and Seizure

    The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects your due process rights. This means that you and your property have the right not to be unlawfully searched and seized, or taken. Often times, it is not only what was found, but also the manner in which these things were found, that matter. For example, things such as illicit drugs found in ‘plain view’ or out in the open can automatically be seized and may give the officers probable cause to further search your property, and ultimately arrest you. However, if illicit drugs are found, but in the process of looking for these drugs, your fourth rights were violated, (and you did not consent to this search) these drugs may not be entered into evidence. Continue Reading

  3. Things to Know About Worker’s Compensation

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    Your injury must to be connected to your job.

    Not every job injury is automatically covered under workers’ compensation. Under Illinois law, in order to be covered under Worker’s compensation- the injury must arise out of and in the course of your regular job duties. Meaning the injury must happen while you are working and the injury has to be caused by your job duties. Continue Reading