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  1. Illinois Car Accident Injuries

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    Whether you are a victim of a traffic accident in Illinois, or just crashed your car, you’ll probably want to know if there are laws that protect you. There are several Illinois laws that draw guidelines to car accident cases, including lawsuit-filing deadlines and the Illinois’ rules regarding shared fault for an accident. Continue Reading

  2. Felony Drug Charges in Illinois

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    What are the Felony Drug Charges in Illinois?

    Anyone who has been arrested for Felony Drug Charges in Illinois is liable to face an array of charges based on the specifics of the case under Illinois and federal drug laws. Criminal offenses include:


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    WILL COUNTY’S 1340 WJOL Radio reports: “Illinois State Police Step Up Patrols Over Thanksgiving”!

    Article By Monica DeSantis and sourced from

    Nov 21, 2018 @ 5:25 AM
    The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is generally one of the busiest travel holiday periods of the year. As millions of travelers take to Illinois roadways to celebrate Thanksgiving, Illinois State Police (ISP) District 5 Commander, Captain David Schneider wants to remind motorists to drive safely. The ISP will utilize a combination of enforcement and education to reduce serious crashes and criminal activities. ISP Troopers will be highly visible on the interstates and heavily traveled state routes while aggressively enforcing the “Fatal Four” violations; Speeding, DUI, Distracted Driving and Seat Belts. Continue Reading

  4. Violent Crime in Chicago – What to do?

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    Have you been accused of a violent crime in Chicago or Chicagoland’s suburbs? Quintana Law Group takes your violent crime charges very seriously and will make sure you’re provided the proper defense.

    There is a long list of legal violations in the State of Illinois that are classified as “violent.” If you’ve been accused of one of these violent Crimes in Chicago or anywhere else in Illinois you must contact Quintana Law Group immediately.
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  5. Illinois Halloween Laws – Trick or Treat on the BEAT

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    Quintana Law Group is committed to keeping you and your kids safe and out of trouble during this festive time of year. While we all enjoy treats and even a good trick here and there, it’s important to be aware of the Illinois Halloween laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines that are out there to keep everyone safe!

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  6. Illinois DUI Factbook

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    The Holy Grail of DUIs in Illinois – the “2018 Illinois DUI Fact Book” was released in January, and many citizens are still completely unaware of the changes. Here are some details published by BIZJOURNALS.COM in March. Let’s see if you’re as up to snuff on Illinois Laws as you think you are.

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