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2018 Expungement Procedure Updates

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The 2018 CRIMINAL & TRAFFIC EXPUNGEMENT & SEALING PROCEDURAL GUIDE is the leading source of up to date information for Criminal and Traffic Expungement and Sealing Procedures including information on: Executive Pardons; Criminal Identity Theft; Certificates of Innocence; Certificates of Good Conduct; Certificates of Relief from Disabilities; Certificates of Eligibility for Sealing; and Certificates of Eligibility for Expungement. The 2018 CRIMINAL & TRAFFIC EXPUNGEMENT & SEALING PROCEDURAL GUIDE was revised 10/16/2018.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility for expungement or file sealing in the State of Illinois, contact Quintana Law Group now.

In full, the specific contents include:

SECTION ONE – Getting Started How Do I Start this Process?
SECTION TWO – Does My Record Qualify for Expungement or Sealing?
PART ONE – Do Any of the Cases on My Record Qualify for Expungement?
PART TWO – Do Any of the Cases on My Record Qualify for Sealing?
SECTION FOUR – Frequently Asked Questions
1. How much does it cost to file my petition?
2. What if I can’t afford the filing fee?
3. Do I have to attach a copy of my rap sheet and certified copies of my dispositions to my petition?
4. Do I have to attach the results of a drug test to my petition?
5. Where do I file my petition?
6. What information do I need to bring with me to the courthouse to file my petition?
7. How many copies should I have of the notice of filing and expungement petition?
8. Can I expunge or seal an Order of Protection?
9. Am I eligible for expungement or sealing if there was an order entered for supervision or a conviction
of reckless driving?
10. Can the Clerk’s Office help me fill out my petition?
11. What is a conviction?
12. What is NOT a conviction?
13. Someone else was arrested using my identity. How can I clear my record?
14. What if I was charged as a juvenile?
15. If I wait long enough, is my record automatically expunged?
16. If I was found not guilty, do I still need to file a petition?
17. I was pressured into pleading guilty even though I was innocent. Does that qualify me for expungement?
18. My case could be expunged but the time period has not passed yet. If it is also eligible for sealing, can I seal it now and expunge it later?
19. I live out of town. Can I do this by mail?
20. How do the police agency that arrested me, the prosecutor who prosecuted me, and any other required parties find out that I filed my petition?
21. What happens if an objection to my petition is filed with the court?
22. Do I have to appear in court?
23. How long does it take?
24. What is the difference between expungement and sealing?
25. How do I find out if the judge has granted or denied my petition?
26. If the court orders my record expunged or sealed, do I have to take any action?
27. Once my petition is granted, should I get a certified copy of the court’s order?
28. Once my record is expunged or sealed, do I have to tell employers about it?
29. Once my petition is granted, do I have to disclose my expunged or sealed record when I get an occupational license or certificate?
30. What if my petition is denied?
31. What is a pardon?
32. What is a Certificate of Innocence?
34. What is a Certificate of Eligibility for Expungement?
35. What is a Certificate of Good Conduct?
36. What is a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities?
37. What is the Offender Initiative Program?

If you are interested in contacting an attorney to further discuss Expungement, contact Quintana Law Group now.



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