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Awareness of Car Accident Injuries

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It’s winter time and if you live in Chicago, you’ve probably seen your fill of ICE this year. The road crews have been out salting, but regardless, every year we see the news filled with the headlines of accidents on the road from small fender bender to major collision with multiple car accident injuries. The Association for Safe International Road Travel approximates 2.35 million people injured or disabled due to auto accidents throughout a typical year. Here at Quintana Law Group, your safety and the safety of the people you care about is top priority to us. Please consider sharing this helpful information with your family and friends during this dangerous season, and if you have been a victim of an automobile collision, contact Quintana Law Group immediately.

Often after a car accident, people feel frazzled, upset, and assume they are physically ok, but what many people don’t realize is that there are several major injuries that can occur during an auto accident that often do not demonstrate symptoms immediately. Not being treated for medical concerns immediately after an automobile accident can lead to problems with insurance claims and in some cases even death. Here are a few examples of automobile related injuries that may not present physical symptoms right away:

Herniated Discs
Neck and back like whiplash are a frequent find on the list of car accident injuries. These injuries can be much more serious than assumed, and if untreated can worsen over time. A herniated disc or other spine injuries can irritate or damage nerves in the spine and cause severe pain and other physical issues throughout the entire body.

Traumatic Brain Injuries
Any time your body is shaken or you hit your head via trauma, your brain can be injured. This injury is called a “traumatic brain injury” (TBI) and can cause long-term damage to brain function. These injuries are the worst of the tricksters as they don’t always present symptoms right away. Similar to mild strokes, trauma victims may notice becoming forgetful, or personality changes, often becoming less patient or even extremely irritated or angry, when that was not their normal state previously.

Knee Injuries
Often during a car wreck, a driver or passenger can strike their knee on the dashboard. This can result in injury to the bones in the knee joint. The cartilage of the knee can also be damaged.

Shoulder Injuries
Car accidents and safety belts can cause different injuries to the shoulder, ranging from deep bruising, to shoulder strains, or even severe tears of the shoulder ligaments that will require surgery to repair.

Psychological Injuries
When anyone suffers a traumatic event, it is not just physical injuries that require attention. Our psychological and emotional state can also suffer.

Clearly, traumatic injuries are very serious, but don’t always present symptoms immediately after a car accident, so be on the lookout for them. Most of them are can get worse over time if not given attention early on.

Quintana Law Group can help or the people you care about identify if your symptoms are something you should consider having looked at. If you or anyone you care about have been victims of a traumatic accident, contact Quintana Law Group NOW to protect your rights and see to it that your medical bills, disability, and loss of quality of life are met with the resources that can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Call Quintana Law Group or visit QUINTANALAWGROUP.COM to learn more about how our attorneys can assist you.


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